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Our vision for WikiPODia is for it to become a repository of our collective and emergent understanding of our field.  It is meant to be nimble and live, moving us from a smattering of disparate comments to a collective understanding of critical and important topics. Building from conference, listserv and other community initiated conversations we view WikiPODia as an important 'next level' resource for the POD community; providing an intermediate state between the POD listserv discussions and a formal POD publication.

Shared with everyone in the world, WikiPODia is a collaborative resource for and by members of the POD Network.
WikiPODia is a project of the Electronic Communication and Resource Committee.

POD Conference 2014

November 5-9 in Dallas, Texas


The 2014 Conference will be held from November 5 – 9 in Dallas, TX at the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel, and our conference theme is simple but meaningful: Leverage.

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